What is the difference between 5% Pawn Shop and other pawn shops?
– Lower interest rates means more money in your pocket.
– We save our customers money with our guaranteed low rates.
– We always give you the most for your assets and valuables
– We offer multiple methods of receiving funds and paying interest
– Our top-rated customer service is the backbone of our company. We appreciate our customers and strive to make our clients comfortable during the process.
Do you just pawn items or do you also accept items for sale?
Although our customers love our low-interest rate pawn loans, we also offer to purchase our customer’s items. Our expert appraisers buy and sell diamonds, coins, jewelry, luxury watches and precious metals on a daily basis and can provide clients with the best possible price for their items based on current markets. Call us today to get a free quote!
How do I make a payment on my loan?
Paying on your loan is easy! We accept bank transfers, PayPal, money orders and certified checks. At our store locations, we accept cash as well.
How do I get my items back?
Another easy process. Just pay the full principle balance on your loan, along with the month’s interest incurred and your items will be returned to you immediately.