Gold jewelry diamond rings in box

Are you in need of some Fast Cash?

We offer low interest rate jewelry hard asset loans. We loan money on Jewelry at rates as low as 3 percent. Before you pawn your jewelry at one of those regular pawn shops give us a call and experience the difference. Give us a call today at 303-945-5138.

Looking to Pawn My Jewelry?

Do your homework before just pawning your jewelry at any old pawn shop. 5% Loans specializes in Jewelry and other high-end hard asset loans. Compare our rates and services to other pawn shops and you will see the difference. Give us a call today! 303-325-3076

How to pawn my diamond ring in Denver?

We offer the lowest loan rates on jewerly in the Denver area. Give us a call today to discuss your item/s. Diamonds are an excellent item to use to raise some quick cash. Make sure you deal with a honest dealer or pawn broker if you are thinking about sell or getting a loan on your items. 5% Loans offer the lowest pawn rates in Denver.

Have questions about the pawn industy? Click the link below for more information.