If your looking to get a loan on your Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Coins, Diamonds, Autos, and other high-end items the best pawn shop in Highlands Ranch is 5% Loans. Our interest rate is only 5% per month compared with our competition at 10%-20%. That means often you save 50% or more on your interest payments each month so you can get your items back quicker.

Top Pawns Shops in Highlands Ranch!

When looking for the right pawn shop it is important to compare the interest rates you the pawn shops will be charging you for the collateral loan. In Highlands Ranch most pawn shops charge 10%- 20% interest every month when you have a loan on your items with them. 5% Loans charges just 5% on Jewelry loans over $500. Call today to see how much we can loan you on your items. 303-325-3076

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Pawn shops in Highlands Ranch that specialize in Jewelry, coins, gold, silver, autos, RV’s, and other High-End items. 5% LOANS is the clear choice when looking for a pawn shop in Highlands Ranch area. We offer the lowest loans rates in Colorado. Give us a call to discuss your items. 303-945-5138